Acne / Pimples and Stress

This is a very good question.

I am a medical doctor but I also suffer from acne, and during my school days I can swear anecdotally (at least) that during times of stress, the pimples start popping out on the faces that I see.

This is confirmed by a study of final year medical students and twenty two university students.

So why is that?

I like to think that it is probably multi-factorial but a single prospective study seems to reveal that stress has nothing to do with increased sebum production (ie an oily face – hence clogging pores, a step towards acne formation).

The other reason is hormonal. During periods of stress, Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRH) surges in the blood. This hormone has an important role in inflammation and seem to affect sebaceous glands for acne-prone skin.

The exact pathophysiology is not fully elucidated but it is generally agreed that stress can worsen acne so, why worry! Chill out for your healthy skin!

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