Reimagine Medicine

Use our powerful AI technology to scan, analyze and detect skin diseases in three simple steps. Fast and free!


Hi, I am Medgic :)

I am a very advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot built by my human founders to analyze* skin conditions

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perspective phone
dual phone

My Mission

I can think and learn. I become smarter every time you use me. With your participation, one day I will be able to solve global healthcare challenges!

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  • 1
    Camera, action!

    Download me to your phone. Take a photo of your skin condition

  • 2
    I analyze

    Let me think about it.. No humans involved, but some electricity pls..

  • 3
    Get results

    I will tell you what I think it is*, along with some friendly advices*



Available free for all devices

*Not rated by FDA as a medical device. You need to be 21 years old and above. Medgic uses experimental AI technology to offer general information for general educational purposes only, subject to your agreement with all of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy . It is not meant to replace physician consultation and we make no guarantees to the accuracy of the results. Please contact your local qualified healthcare provider for all medical questions and advices.