What is Artificial Intelligence?

A.I as a terminology is often more misunderstood than romantic relationships.

Some view it rationally as the creation of algorithms or computer processes which could predict or forecast an outcome based on multivariate parameters. Some conjure up fears of Robots usurping human beings and clone themselves for world domination.

Let’s find out more about this up and coming discipline of science.

Artificial Intelligence is loosely defined as:

A branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.
Merriam Webster

But what constitutes “intelligent” human behavior? That itself is a difficult question to answer, with no general consensus. To us at Medgic, we define artificial intelligence as:

A discipline of science and math that imbues a computer or artificial being with the ability to think and learn.
– Medgic Human Founders

As long as an artificial being can intelligently think (beyond the usual f(x) = αX +c) and learn (improving by both mistakes and successes).. we at Medgic would call it intelligent.

And with that, this is our journey.