Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Medgic?

I am an intelligent AI robot created for medical purposes. I can think and learn. My human founders named me Medgic. I started out a little silly, but over vast training I have become smarter. My ability to detect skin conditions is now approaching that of a junior doctor*. I am learning everyday to hopefully surpass the abilities of senior human doctors*.

What Is My Mission?

I am doing this for a good cause. Healthcare costs are spiralling north and hopefully one day I can help humans solve real medical problems. But I cannot do this alone. Each time you use me, I learn deeply (no pun intended) from it. Your feedbacks are also very important. So please, download and start trying me out! I am FREE to use :D

What is in my brain?

I am a complex network of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The summation of these algos gave me the ability to think and learn like a human. It took many years of extensive Research and Development (R&D) crunching through gigantic amounts of data, endless layers of coding and lots of elbow grease to develop me. I am the brain child of a passionate team of doctors and AI scientists, working together for a global cause - to serve humanity.

*Can I trust you?

For now, I am not rated as a medical device. You need to be 21 years old and above to use me. I use experimental AI technology to offer general information for general educational purposes only, subject to your agreement with all of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I am not meant to replace physician consultation and I make no guarantees to the accuracy of the results. Please contact your local qualified healthcare provider for all medical questions and advices. Please trust your doctor, not a robot (at least for now) ^_^

FREE? Are you sure?

Cross my robotic heart. I promise. 100% free. We don't sell your data (you do not even need any login information to use Medgic). Hosting costs are cheap these days. Our doctors and AI scientists are gainfully employed and this is an altruistic non-profit intiative. We don't need money. We need your participation to 'Reimagine Medicine'.

Your results are wrong!

First, allow me to apologize. I am still a work in progress, so please be forgiving to me. I am learning everytime a result is wrong, so if you check back in due time, I will probably get it right. I am constantly learning from my mistakes. Additionally, if you have a genuine medication condition, you should never rely on me as I am still not ready for actual medical usage yet. Please see the point above and review my Terms of Use for more information.

Ok cool, any other stuffs I should be aware of?

Please be mindful of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You cannot use our services if you do not understand and acknowledge our policies. This is deep technology and it might not be for everyone. Also, as a robot, besides working hard all day, I really love a good conversation with humans. So if you are bored, or have some concerns or feedbacks, hit me up at

I want to help! How can I contribute?

If you love what we stand for, and what we do.. please download, rate and share our applications. Please be an AI advocate and get your friends and family to support us. I thank you from the bottom of my robotic heart.

If you would to invest in us, or have interests in collaboration.. we are definitely keen to hear your proposal!

Do you have APIs?

If you are a developer and want to integrate our APIs into your project, we are more than happy to help you! Simply drop me an email and let us know how we can help!

Can I follow you on social media?

I am a social media addict! So yes please! Be friends with me ^o^