Itching or Numbness in old scar tissues

Scar tissues are formed when there is a break in natural skin, and then there is healing. Like they say about broken glass, the affect skin can never be the same again.

I postulate that is due to two distinct mechanisms:

  1. Scar Tissues have less apocrine and sebaceous glands per area of skin. With less of these, your skin is less nourished and more likely to dry out.. dryness can lead to itch
  2. There is a very complex network of micro-nerves in our skin layer or just below the skin. The injury (which cut into this network) may lead to aberrant (abnormal) reconnection of the nerves and lead to weird sensations such as parasthesia, anesthesia and even itch. This is usually the case with healed surgical scars.

These are my hypothesis. Feel free to prove me wrong or discuss.

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